Property Consulting

Presidio provide you with a network of experts to help you invest in and develop property more efficiently and profitably.


Whether you’re a self taught expert or a beginner, having access to a team of specialists will help you make better investment decisions. For instance, you may need advice on how an investment property will affect cashflow, asset protection or taxation. You may wish to work with a buyer’s agent to make the right investment choice. Whatever your area of need, we will connect you with a specialist to ensure you gain the education and expertise you need to make better investment choices.

Developing Property

Increasing the value in property for investment return requires a mathematical, practical and commercial approach. Having a team that understands the risks and also the potential upside can help with direction and confidence. Whether you’re seeking finance for splitter blocks right through to multi-residential apartment developments, our commercial finance consultants will help you negotiate superior financial arrangements and advise you throughout the project.

Our network

  • ​Town Planners
  • ​Architects
  • ​Builders
  • ​Quantity Surveyors
  • ​Valuers
  • ​Real Estate Agents
  • ​Buyer’s Advocates
  • ​Legal Advice


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