Renovation tricks to add value to your home

Experienced property renovators know the key to a successful renovation is to use the space you have wisely. Renovating areas like the kitchen, living room and dining area to create more space and storage can not only make your home more liveable, it may also add value to your property.

Here are some renovation and design ideas to help create more space and hopefully boost your property’s price tag at the same time.

Kitchen and dining room

Bathrooms and toilets

  • Free up room by recessing cabinets into the wall.
  • Ditch the shower doors — go for a transparent glass panel rather than a step-in shower with a door.
  • Use the same colour tiles throughout the bathroom so that the floor and walls blend together. Again, lighter shades are best to give the sense of space.
  • Open up floor space with a floating vanity or pedestal basin.
  • Use neutral colours and larger mirrors to create the illusion of space.
  • Replace clunky toilets with a wall-hung throne. By concealing the tank in the wall, you’ll save space and achieve a more modern look.

Living rooms and bedrooms

  • Use space vertically, not horizontally. For example, opt for floating wall shelves, or floor to ceiling shelves that are recessed into the wall.
  • Try wall lights rather than floor lamps or bedside table lamps.
  • Choose multifunctional furniture — coffee tables with a shelf underneath for books, beds and sofas with hidden storage underneath. Furniture with delicate detailing such as narrow arms and raised legs will help create the illusion of space.
  • If space is tight in bedrooms, get creative with furniture. How about a wall bed that transforms into a studio desk? Or a wall bed that folds into a cabinet? Nifty, right?
  • Paint the walls, trims and ceiling in the same light shade to make ceilings appear higher. Hanging curtains closer to the ceiling will do the same.
  • Incorporate mirrors into your interiors to bounce light around.
  • Consider building a loft if you have high ceilings. Not only does a loft add valuable storage to save space in the main living areas, it’s also a memorable feature for resale.
  • Skylights are a great way to add more natural light to a property and create an airy, spacious atmosphere.


  • Combine your bathroom and laundry into one, so that you can optimise the use of the plumbing.
  • Tuck your washer and dryer away inside a kitchen cupboard and reclaim the laundry for a different use.


  • No reason why you can’t have a beautiful garden in your small home or investment property — just think vertical! There are plenty of fun ideas on Pinterest for small spaces and balconies.
  • Ensure any outdoor furniture is functional and appropriate to the size of the household. Also, consider whether any outdoor furniture could double as storage (for example, benches with storage underneath).

Ready to renovate?

Irrespective of the size of your property, there are plenty of clever renovation tricks to maximise the floorplan and potentially drive up its value.

If you’re ready to get started, please reach out for advice about finance. As your mortgage broker, I’ll explain your renovation finance options and help you choose the right loan for your specific needs.

Remember, now is a great time to consider renovating, with the government’s $25,000 HomeBuilder Grant on offer. Get in touch and I’ll explain the eligibility requirements.

Happy renovating!

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