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What you need to know come settlement day

The search for your dream property can be both exciting and stressful. From the inspections that kick everything off to putting in your offer and having it accepted, these are all stepping stones on the journey towards ownership. It all culminates in the final step of the process – settlement day. Here’s what to expect […]

Tips to save and pay off your mortgage sooner

It’s no secret that paying off your home loan sooner can save you plenty. However, with cost-of-living pressures and rising interest rates, it can be hard to find extra cash. A series of small changes applied consistently over time could put you on track to reach your goal sooner. Here are eight tips to help […]

Tips for nabbing a bargain in Spring 🌸

We’re amidst the spring sales season, but what do rising interest rates mean for this traditionally busy period? The pandemic’s peak profit-making period has now officially passed, with property prices still falling across much of the country. However, with rapidly rising interest rates cutting the average Australian’s buying power by 20%, it’s important to understand […]